Current Issue

  • 2018
  • Vol 6
  • Issue 2 Supplementary

1.Original Research

Comparison of the Conventional Method using Intraoral Periapical with the Contemporary Imaging Technology (Spiral Computed Tomography) for the Amount of Apical Root Resorption

K. V. Sujan Kumar, Pradeep Kumar, Sasikumar Rasappan

[Pages No: 01-05]

2.Original Research

Excisional New Attachment Procedure Versus Laser-assisted New Attachment Procedure - A Split Mouth Study

Arif Gudakuwala, Waqas Ansari, Hamed Badaam, Rashmi Hegde, Sangeeta Muglikar, Salika Sheikh

[Pages No: 06-10]

3.Original Article

Retrospective Study on Risk Habits among Oral Cancer Patients in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

Vinod Sargaiyan, Vidhi Dhakray, Nidhi Dhakray, Dithi C, Anurag Singh Sengar

[Pages No: 11-12]

4.Original Article

Evaluation of Dental Anxiety in Patients Undergoing Extraction of Teeth

Sandeep Prakash, Ketaki Kinikar, Sandeep Kashyap, Dinesh Francis Swamy, Prakash Khare, Bhupendra Kashyap

[Pages No: 13-17]

5.Original Article

Attitude toward Oral Biopsy among General Dental Practitioners in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Vinod Sargaiyan, Rajat Misurya, Archana Lanje, Shivang Aggarwal, Anurag Singh Sengar

[Pages No: 18-20]

6.Review Article

Elastics and Elastomeric in Orthodontics Practice

Sagar Mapare, Kanish Bansal, Ranjit Pawar, Richa Mishra, Ashutosh Sthapak, Sayed F Khadri

[Pages No: 21-30]

7.Review Article

Diabetes Mellitus and Dental Implants - An Overview

E. Sribabu, Sidhartha S. P. Behera

[Pages No: 31-33]

8.Review Article

Precision Attachments in Prosthodontics: A Review

Arti, Ajay Gupta, Gagan Khanna, Mohit Bhatnagar, Giby M Markose, Satvik Singh

[Pages No: 34-39]

9.Review Article

Etiology and Management of Endodontic Pain

Chirag Bansal

[Pages No: 40-43]

10.Review Article

Conceptions and Misconceptions about Centric Relation: A Review of Literature

E Sribabu, Sidhartha S P Behera

[Pages No: 44-48]

11.Review Article

Different Imaging Techniques for Dental Implants

Soumak Bagchi

[Pages No: 49-51]

12.Review Article

Changing Trends in Guided Implant Systems

Sajna Oommen, Arun Jacob Thomas

[Pages No: 52-54]

13.Review Article

Management of Dental Patients on Anticoagulant Therapy Undergoing Surgical Procedures

Jayanta Kumar Chattopadhyay

[Pages No: 55-57]

14.Review Article

Bruxism and Children - A Review

Ateet Kakti

[Pages No: 58-62]

15.Review Article

Maxillofacial Prosthetic Materials - An Overview

Saikat Deb

[Pages No: 63-65]

16.Review Article

Pediatric Leukemia- An Overview

Utsav Mukherjee

[Pages No: 66-69]

17.Review Article

Factors Determining Child Behavior in Dentistry

Deepa Vinod Bhat

[Pages No: 70-72]

18.Review Article

Management of Endodontically Treated Teeth - An Overview

Jenny Atom, Ronel Lairenlakpam

[Pages No: 73-76]

19.Review Article

Tooth Polishing: An Overview

Deepan Chandra, Soumak Bagchi

[Pages No: 77-78]

20.Review Article

Advances in Forensic Odontology - An Overview

Arun Jacob Thomas, Sajna Oommen

[Pages No: 79-81]

21.Case Report

Multiple Odontogenic Keratocyst, Surgical Management: 14-Years Follow-up

Soundrapandian Karthikeyan, S Avinash Reddy, Sidhartha S P Behera

[Pages No: 82-84]

22.Case Report

Modified Transpalatal Arch to Correct Second Molar Buccal Crossbite - A Clinical Technique

Shubham Agrawal, P. G. Makhija, Anuradha Agrawal

[Pages No: 85-86]

23.Case Report

Temporomandibular Joint Ankylosis: Release and Reconstruction with Anterior Pedicle Temporalis Flap - A Case Report

Shirish Dubey, Seema Dubey, Ajay Kumar Gupta, Ankush Bansal, Arif Hossain, Lalita Ghosh

[Pages No: 87-90]

24.Case Report

Carcinoma of Cheek with Mandible - A Case Report

Soundrapandian Karthikeyan, S. Avinash Reddy, Dr Sidhartha S. P. Behera

[Pages No: 91-93]

25.Original Research

Visual-motor Integration: A Predictor of Oral Hygiene in Autistic Children

Darshana Snehal Dave, Prachi M. Asnani, Nikita Shah, Krishna Shah, Nilu Chopra, Deep Pilojpara

[Pages No: 94-96]