January - March (2016)

1.Original Research

Comparative Evaluation of Stress Distribution within Computerized Bone Model using Four Different Implant Collar Designs: A Three-dimensional Finite Element Analysis

Amit B Jadhav, Pronob K Sanyal, Siddharth S Gosavi, Abhijeet R Kore, Swapnil S Jadhav

[Pages No: 01-05]

2.Original Research

Accuracy of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Cervical Lymph Nodes in Cancer Patients: A Research Study in the Northern Province of India

Anurag Yadav, Manoj K Srivastava, Gunjan Yadav, Yogendra Verma

[Pages No: 06-08]

3.Original Research

Myths Related to Dental Decay and Tobacco Consumption: Debunked

Shishir Singh, Gautam Shirodkar, Romi Jain, Roshni Dupare, Nikhil Bhanushali, Ankit Desai, Sayali Tungare

[Pages No: 09-14]

4.Original Research

Comparative Scanning Electron Microscopic Study of Removal of Intracanal Smear Layer using Different Concentrations of Three Root Canal Irrigants: An in vitro Study

S Anantha Krishna, S Shankar, Veena Kumari, R Pradeep, Praveen Rajesh, Kiran Kasthi

[Pages No: 15-20]

5.Original Research

An Exploration for the Most Congruous Stain for Valuation of Micronuclei

Neha Gupta, Sandhya Shrivastava, Rupali Naik, Megha Malu, Rimmi Daharwal

[Pages No: 21-23]

6.Original Research

To determine whether the First File to bind at the Working Length corresponds to the Apical Diameter in Roots with Apical Curvatures both before and after Flaring using Two Rotary Systems: An in vitro Study

Mukesh Kumar, Avanindra Kumar, Soumen Mandal, Avanish Kumar, Kamna Gorka, Vaibhav Kamal

[Pages No: 24-29]

7.Original research

Comparative Evaluation of Erosive Potential of a Chemical and Herbal Mouthwash on the Surface Roughness of Resin-modified Glass Ionomer Restorative Materials: An in vitro Study

Kamna Gorka, Vaibhav Kamal, Avanindra Kumar, Soumen Mandal, Avanish Kumar, Mukesh Kumar

[Pages No: 30-34]

8.Case Report

Periapical Granuloma

Anish Sebastian, Prasanth Panikar, Kasim Kota, Asika Sasi

[Pages No: 35-37]

9.Case Report

Calcifying Cystic Odontogenic Tumor with Ameloblastoma: A Case Report with Review of the Literature

Deepa Jose, Karishma Desai, Deepa R Mane, Alka Kale

[Pages No: 38-41]

10.Case Report

Bilateral Bifid Mandibular Condyle: A Rare Case Report and Review

Mahesh TS Kumar, Rajeshwari K, Manjunath N, Naveen N Kumar

[Pages No: 42-44]

11.Case Report

Prosthetic Rehabilitation using Zygomaticomaxillary Buttress as a Graft for Placing Endosseous Implants

Sunil D Christopher, Satish M, Sheetal Kapse, Pooja Ramnani, Sanidhya Surana

[Pages No: 45-48]

12.Case Report

Cemento-ossifying Fibroma of Mandible

Avinash, Vaibhav Kamal, Avanindra Kumar, Sweta

[Pages No: 49-51]

13.Case Report

Immediate Implant Placement in Fresh Extraction Socket with Immediate Loading

Sapna Bhat, Vidya V Adoni, GS Amarnath, CS Shruthi

[Pages No: 52-54]

14.Review Article

Lasers in Endoscopic Surgery

Anil K Tomer, Amteshwar Singh, Anushree Gupta

[Pages No: 55-57]

15.Review Article

Insights into Early Childhood Caries

Chitreddy U Reddy, Anant Raghav Sharma, Shristhi Sharma, Rajrani Sharma, Poonam Purohit, Komar S Reddy

[Pages No: 58-61]

16.Review Article

Personalized Medicine: Emerging as a Silver Lining in Dentistry

Nisha Singh, Manjula Hebbale

[Pages No: 62-66]

17.Review Article

-Oids: An Insight

Sarvani Murthy, KS Shilpa, Smitha Bydrahalli Raju, Manashvini S Patil, Kathik Kumar Raju, Neethupriya

[Pages No: 67-78]

17.Review Article

An Overview of Enamel Matrix Proteins

Chaitradevi Saxena, Kartikay Saxena, Vikas Bhakhar, M Vidya, Mohsin Ghanchi, Dhaval Jani

[Pages No: 79-84]