July - September (2017)

1.Original Article

Human Immunodeficiency Virus-related Understanding among Dental Students and Faculty of an Urban Indian Dental School

Varsha Rathod, Saptama Mukherjee, Vinayak Thorat, Aashutosh Karnik Mohammed Ibrahim K Shaikh, Deepak G Langade

[Pages No: 167-174]

2.Original Article

Knowledge and Awareness of Patients about Periodontal Treatment in Karnataka, India

B Mohammed Ismail

[Pages No: 175-178]

3.Original Article

Perspectives, Realities, and Difficulties in Clinical Practice Experience of Left-handed Dental Students in Udaipur, India

Pratibha Sultane, Nandini Sen, Nagesh Bhat, Vishal Patil, Shivani Patel, Hetvi Patel Parth Limbachiya, Darshan Dudhat

[Pages No: 179-183]

4.Original Article

Interleukin Expression as a Diagnostic Tool in Chronic and Aggressive Periodontitis

Neha Taneja, Praveen B Kudva, Hema P Kudva

[Pages No: 184-187]

5.Original Article

Analysis of Salivary Proteome in Patients with Dental Caries employing Electrophoresis and Mass Spectrometry

Pavitra A Vibhakar, Sangeeta R Patankar, Parag A Vibhakar

[Pages No: 188-195]

6.Research Article

Lactate Dehydrogenase as a Tumor Marker in Oral Cancer and Oral Potentially Malignant Disorders: A Biochemical Study

Ahanthem Nandita, Sowbhagya M Basavaraju, Balaji Pachipulusu

[Pages No: 196-200]

7.Original research

Comparison of Mechanical Strength of Palatal Denture Base using Four Mesh Designs on Shallow Palatal Vault Configuration: An in vitro Study

Swapnil S Jadhav, Pronob K Sanyal, Shivsagar Tewary, Rakshith Guru, Shubha Joshi, Abhijeet Kore

[Pages No: 201-209]

8.Original research

Comparison of Efficacy of Buccal Fat Pad and Collagen Membrane in Surgical Management of Oral Submucous Fibrosis

Rajbir K Randhawa, Gagandeep S Randhawa, Saba Tiwari, KC Gupta, Anisha Maria, Mrinal Satpathy

[Pages No: 210-217]

9.Original research

Assessment of Awareness and Knowledge about Geriatric Nutrition in Complete Denture Patients of Western Maharashtra (Karad), India: A Clinical Survey

Priya Vaswani, Jeny Thomas, Rakshith Guru, Pronob Sanyal, Ankur Prajapati, Tushar Khandagale

[Pages No: 218-224]

10.Original research

Influence of Composite Insertion Techniques (Bulk-fill and Incremental Nanofilled Composites) on Adaptability to the Pulpal Floor and Interfacial Gap Formation

Bharath M Jaganath, Sahadev C Krishnegowda, Sandeep Rudranaik, Sajin Madanan, Nisha B Kurup, CG Manjula

[Pages No: 225-231]

11.review article


Meera K Chandramouli

[Pages No: 232-234]

12.review article

Odontogenic Tumor in India: A Review

Archana H Lanje, Rajat Misurya, Minal Chaudhary, Madhuri Gawande, Alka Hande, Chandresh Shukla

[Pages No: 235-237]

13.review article

Patient’s Expectations from Orthodontic Treatment

Mukesh Gupta, Elaine S Barretto

[Pages No: 238-240]

14.Case Report

Prosthetic Management of Patient with Ocular Defect

Binoy N Mathews, Sajina Sam, Abhinav K Mohan, Anil K Subhash

[Pages No: 241-245]


Suctional Hyperplasia of Tongue as a Consequence of Tongue-sucking Habit

Dinesh F Swamy, Elaine S Barretto, Sapna SR Dessai, Kathleen M D’Souza

[Pages No: 246-248]

16.Original Research Article

Workplace Violence Awareness among Dental Professionals: A Questionnaire-based Survey

Kinjal Patel, Anup Panda, Manpreet Kaur, Natasha Shiggaon, Krishna Dere, Mira Virda

[Pages No: 249-252]