October - December (2017)

1.Original Article

To compare Post-frenectomy Healing using Conventional Silk Sutures with N-butyl Cyanoacrylate Tissue Adhesive

Meghna Sharma, Praveen B Kudva, Anirudh S Chauhan, Monika R Goswamy, Geetha K Bhat, Hema P Kudva

[Pages No: 249-252]

2.Original Article

Study to evaluate the Effect of Silane Treatment and Three Different Woven Fiber Reinforcement on Mechanical Properties of a Denture Base Resin

C Sampat Saumil, Nandeeshwar D Basavapur, Chetan Pathak

[Pages No: 253-257]

3.Original Article

Felt and Normative Needs for Oral Health and Utilization of Services

Subha S Dany, Choubarga Naik, Pradeep Tangade, Anup K Satpathy

[Pages No: 258-261]

4.Original Article

Oral Hygiene Attitude and Behavior of Dental Students in a Government College, India

Aasim F Shah, Choubarga Naik, Subha S Dany, Anup K Satpathy, Prashant Rajput, Suhail M Jan

[Pages No: 262-264]

5.Original Article

Self-perceived Halitosis and Oral Hygiene Habits among Patients attending Medical College in India

Madhurjya Chakraborty, Debjit Dhamali, Dinesh F Swamy, Dithi Chandradas, Rajesh Divakar

[Pages No: 265-267]

6.Original Article

Comparative Evaluation of Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior toward Oral Health among Private, Public, and Rural Schoolchildren in Pune

Amol S Jamkhande, Jitendra S Bhawalkar

[Pages No: 268-271]

7.Original Article

Evaluation of Patients’ Knowledge for Third Molar Removal

Ajith Samson, Joseph Edward, Sherin Ziaudeen

[Pages No: 272-274]

8.Original research

Assessment of Root Canal Smear Layer Removal Efficacy of Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, Etidronic Acid, and Chlorhexidine using Scanning Electron Microscope

F Rejula, Dennis Mohan, M Sunith, Sujay Gopal, Dinesh F Swamy, Rashmi P Yadahalli, Joseph Joy

[Pages No: 275-278]

9.Original research

Effect of the Clinical Application of the GLUMA Desensitizer vs Gallium Aluminum Arsenide Diode Laser in the Treatment of Dentin Hypersensitivity: A Scanning Electron Microscopy Study

Anirudh S Chauhan, Praveen Kudva, Meghna Sharma, Neha Singh

[Pages No: 279-283]

10.Mini Review

Evolution of the Software and Hardware in CAD/CAM Systems used in Dentistry

Rita Zarina, JL Jaini, Rajan S Raj

[Pages No: 284-291]

11.review article

Burnout Syndrome in Dentistry

Poddar Piyali, Debjit Dhamali, Chakraborty Madhurjay, Poddar Ranendranath

[Pages No: 292-294]

12.review article

Advances in Methods of Atraumatic Tooth Removal: An Update

Sanchit Jain, Rajesh H Oswal, Bhavin Purohit, Kamini Dadsena, Mukesh K Kashyap, Prachet Dakshinkar Nandini Dayalan, Shruti Mehta

[Pages No: 295-299]

13.review article

Recent Advances in Endodontic Diagnosis: A Review

Vaibhav Jain, Buggaveeti P Kumar, T Sai Krishna, Shrikant Parakh, P Hari Kiran, Aastha Tiwari

[Pages No: 300-303]

14.review article

Lasers in Dentistry

Vinod Sargaiyan, Rajveer S Yadav, Saurabh S Parihar, Makrand Sapat, Sateesh Bhatele, Archana H Lanje

[Pages No: 304-307]

15.review article

Microbial Forensics

Vinod Sargaiyan, Rajveer S Yadav, Makrand Sapat, Saurabh S Parihar, Sateesh Bhatele, Archana Lanje

[Pages No: 308-310]

16.review article

Herbal Endodontic Irrigants

Abdulazizlafi Alharbi, Syedkhaja Aliuddin, Turki A Alharbi, Sanadnafel Alharbi Anshmi O Alanzi, Ahmed A Alharbi

[Pages No: 311-314]

17.Case Report

Riga–Fede Disease associated with Natal Tooth

Deepak Khandelwal, Namita Kalra, Rishi Tyagi, Amit Khatri, Dhiraj Kumar, Komal Gupta

[Pages No: 315-318]

18.Case Report

Full Mouth Rehabilitation using Hobo Twin-stage Technique

Vivek Choukse, Ankita Parmar, Neeraj Sharma, Rajeev Srivastava

[Pages No: 319-323]

19.Case Report

Neutral Zone: A Novel Technique for Management of Severely Resorbed Ridge

Abhishek N Bagul, Tushar S Khandagale

[Pages No: 324-329]

20.Case Report

Single-tooth Replacement by Dental Implant: Factors affecting Treatment Modalities

Khyati Madia

[Pages No: 330-332]

21.Case Report

Mineral Trioxide Aggregate Apexification followed by Fiber Post reinforced and customized with Ribbond Material in Fractured Immature Maxillary Central Incisor

Hoshing Upendra, Munavalli Anil, Ninad Shah, Preshit More

[Pages No: 333-336]

22.Case Report

Replacement of Missing Teeth and Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth using Fiber-reinforced Composite Resin

Neelam Vijaywargiya, Suparna G Saha, Manish Verma, Mainak K Saha

[Pages No: 337-341]

23.Case Report

A Multidisciplinary Approach for Rehabilitation following Ocular Trauma

Milap H Karia, Hiral M Karia

[Pages No: 342-344]