April - June (2018)

1.Original Research

Evaluation of the Antibacterial Effect of Virgin Olive oil on Enterococcus Faecalis: An In Vitro Study

Shashit Shetty Bavabeedu, Vinod Babu Mathew, Abdalla N Fahad, Mohammed Saleh H Al Hutaylah, Saad Abdullah O Al Ahmari, Mohammed Saeed A Al Yami

[Pages No: 01-04]

2.Original Research

Assessment of Anteroposterior Arrangement of Maxillary Anterior Teeth in Complete Denture Fabricated by Students

Rutuja Sanjay Sancheti, Shubha Joshi, R Sushma, Abhijeet Kore, Shivsagar Tewary, Karuna Pawshae, Priya Vaswani

[Pages No: 05-08]

3.Original Research

Exploration of Association between Chronic Periodontitis and Sleep Deprivation and Evaluation of this Interrelationship with Stress Hormone (Cortisol) Levels: A Clinico-immunological Study

Tabeya Deep Kaur, Amit Bhardwaj, Harpreet Singh Grover, Poonam Arora

[Pages No: 09-15]

4.Original Research

Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices of Patients about Emergency Management of Dental Trauma

Moayed Awad Aldalbhi, Ahmed Obeed Alrouji, P. Sridhar Reddy

[Pages No: 16-18]

5.Original Research

The Effect of Periodontal Debridement on C-reactive Protein in Chronic Periodontitis: A Comparative Study

K C Ajith Kumar, Praveen Santhakumaran Nair, Presanthila Janam3, K Nandakumar

[Pages No: 19-24]

6.Original Research

Finite Element Analysis of Compressive Stress Pattern in Implant-tooth Supported Fixed Partial Denture: An In Vitro Study

Srinivasa Gowda, Lalit Kumar, H S Indrakumar, Komal Sehgal, Rucha Kashyap, Virender Kumar, Dilip Daniel Quadras

[Pages No: 25-30]

7.Original Research

Comparative Histopathological Evaluation of the Biocompatibility of AH Plus, Epiphany, RoekoSeal: An In Vivo Study in Subcutaneous Tissue of Rats

N Gopa Kumar, J Sreeja, C U Vivek Chand

[Pages No: 31-36]

8.Original Research

An Overall Assessment of Oral Health Knowledge and Practice on the Periodontal Health of Adults in Beed District of Maharashtra, India

Srinivasa Tenkasale Siddeshappa, Rohanjeet Ashok Dede, Roshan Prabhakar Dhonge, Mangesh Ganesh Andhare, Afroz Anjum, Rajaprasenjit Maroti Dhuldhwaj

[Pages No: 37-41]

9.Original Research

Effect of Two Energy Values of 810-nm Diode LLLT on Reducing Pain Caused by Orthodontic Elastomeric Separators: A Split Mouth Randomized Controlled Clinical Study

Faisal Arshad, H S Dharmesh, V S Bharathi, Arora Abhas Ram, Shamshad Begum

[Pages No: 42-45]

10.Original Research

A Comparative Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Subgingivally Delivered Antimicrobial Bio-absorbable Controlled Release 0.5% Azithromycin Gel and 2 mg Tetracycline Hydrochloride Fibres as an Adjunct to Scaling and Root Planing in the Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis

Tushar Pathak, Bharat Gupta, Vaibhav Tiwari, Nidhi Tiwari, Saniyah Ashfaque Shaikh, Visalakshi Shivaraman

[Pages No: 46-52]

11.Original Research

Let’s Find Out the Best Assessment of Sagittal Skeletal Relationships

Ramandeep Kaur, Pradeep Tandon

[Pages No: 53-55]

12.Original Research

The Incidence and Nature of Fingernail Flora after Routine Pre-operative Hand Scrubbing

Rohan Sohoni, Ajit V Koshy, Amrita Manish Bhatia, Ameera Mulla, Anagha Kochar, Sana Shaikh

[Pages No: 56-58]

13.Original Research

Clinical Comparative Evaluation of Envelope Flap and Triangular Flap in Lower Third Molar Surgery: A Prospective Study

Kritant Bhushan, Rajnish Sahu, Anchal Mudgal

[Pages No: 59-65]

14.Original Research

Assessment of Denture Hygiene Habits among Elderly Patients Wearing Complete Dentures

Mainak Kanti Saha, Surbhi Bansal, Vikesh Singh Chahar, Samia Zulfiqar Ali, Gauri Barkalle, Chandani Hora

[Pages No: 66-69>

15.Original Research

Assessment of Metallic and Ceramic Brackets Bond Strength with New Adhesive Systems

Ajit Mishra, Arti Mishra

[Pages No: 70-72]

16.Review Article

Tumor Microenvironment Tilling the Soil

Anagha Kochar, Amisha Shah, Ajit V Koshy, Ameera Mulla, Rohan Sohoni, Sana Shaikh

[Pages No: 73-76]

17.Review Article

Age Assessment Methods: A Review

Kripa Patel, Krutika Patel

[Pages No: 77-83]

18.Review Article

Cancer Stem Cells - An Overview

Sana Shaikh, Amisha Shah, Ajit V Koshy, Anagha Kochar, Rohan Sohoni, Ariba Shaikh

[Pages No: 84-87]

19.Review Article

Comprehensive Approach in Public Health Dentistry toward Complete Oral Health: A Review

Mandar Todkar, Meehika Gaikwad, Saima Ali, Raghvendra Kumar, Mayank Das, Shradha Mohanty

[Pages No: 88-92]

20.Review Article

Indigenous Use of the Incredible Tree - Moringa Oleifera: A Review

Danish Uz. Zama Khan, Karabi Das, Nishi Grover, Madhurjya Chakraborty, Sugandha Sharma, Pratim Talukdar

[Pages No: 93-97]

21.Case Report

Effective Management of Periodontal Intraosseous Defects using combination of Bioactive Glass + Platelet-rich Fibrin: A Clinical and Radiographic Evaluation

Madhu Singh Ratre, Sumbul Nasir, Shaleen Khetarpal, Manish Verma

[Pages No: 98-101]

22.Case Report

Anterior Esthetic Rehabilitation: Harmonizing the White and Pink

Amee Patel, Dipti Choks, Barkha Idnani

[Pages No: 102-105]

23.Case Report

Nodular Fasciitis over Maxillary Gingival Region - A Case Report

Kritant Bhushan1, Rajnish Sahu, Anchal Mudgal

[Pages No: 106-109]

24.Case Report

Localized Fibrous Overgrowth - Traumatic Fibroma: A Case Report

Ami Kandya, Manish Verma, Unnati Pitale, Swati Goyal, Neelam Vijayvargiya

[Pages No: 110-120]

25.Case Report

Idiopathic Gingival Fibromatosis: A Case Report

Sarmestha Soni, Pooja Pani, Tapas Ku. Bala, Nishant

[Pages No: 113-116]

26.Short Communication

Method of Using an Articulating Paper to Locate the Interferences during an Insertion of Prosthesis

C Tony Thomas, Sreeprabha G Mohan, Rajan Sharanya Raj

[Pages No: 117-118]